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Box Chain Bag Strap in Gold

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Our box chain handbag strap will add an edge to any bag it's paired with. Made from a heavy, high quality, light gold zinc alloy chain.

Sustainable Vegan Leather

Organic Cotton Lining

Handmade in Portugal

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Save 30% on any wallet or strap with your bag purchase

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Elevate your bag with extra straps

Add a thick or a chain strap to your crossbody bag to mix it up & get even more wear out of your bag



Plastic-free vegan leather

Our luxury vegan bags are MADE WITH MIRUM®, a next generation leather alternative that's almost too good to be true. In fact, the name was inspired from the Latin word miraculum, meaning object of wonder.

  • 100% plastic free - made from natural tree rubber, minerals, plant fibres, oils and waxes
  • Up to 10x less greenhouse gas emitting than conventional animal or plastic leather
  • Engineered, tested and proven to be durable, water-resistant and of uncompromising quality

MIRUM® is produced at a wind-energy powered factory in the USA. It's automotive industry approved, and is already being used by BMW.

Handmade in Portugal

Our bags are handmade by a small team of passionate Portuguese artisans. Established fifty years ago, our workshop knows a thing or two about leather making. Some employees have been with the business for over four decades!

Portugal is renowned for its expertise in crafting high-end accessories, and the team was excited to apply their skills to MIRUM® for the first time, achieving beautiful results.

Natural Rubber

The building block of our vegan leather, MIRUM®, is natural rubber. Did you know that natural rubber comes from tree sap?

Not all rubber is natural though - so watch out for synthetic rubber, which is derived from petroleum.

Sourcing natural rubber from farms that use regenerative farming techniques can actually result in net negative carbon emissions - considering the carbon that trees absorb from the environment.

Other ingredients in MIRUM® include charcoal, clay, quartz, leaves and soy bean oil.