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Sustainable Handbags

Our bags are made with a next-generation material called MIRUM® - a sustainable alternative to both traditional animal leather and plastic faux leather. MIRUM® is 100% plastic-free and made from natural ingredients such as tree rubber, plant fibers, oils and waxes, and other materials like clay, charcoal and quartz - backed with cotton.


Sustainable Luxury Handbags

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We are a quiet luxury, sustainable handbag brand, that produces at a small atelier in Portugal. Our eco friendly handbags are made from a new material called MIRUM, which is composed of: 47% natural tree rubber, 26% natural fibres and fillers, 27% plant oils and waxes, and backed with natural cotton. This sustainable leather alternative has no plastic and no animal cruelty! It's up to 10 times less greenhouse gas emitting than conventional animal or plastic leather. It's produced in a wind energy powered factory in the US. It requires no water during production and it emits no wastewater.

MIRUM is too long lasting to be legally classified as biodegradable, but when your sustainable handbag does break down, it contributes nutrients back to the earth, not pollutants. It was developed with the help of BMW, who stress tested it under every possible condition. It can also be recycled into new MIRUM.

Rubber can be produced synthetically, but natural rubber comes from tree sap! Sustainably managed rubber farms can actually result in net negative carbon emissions, because of the carbon that the trees absorb from the atmosphere.

If you're looking for a designer, slow fashion handbag, you've come to the right place. Our sustainable purses are lined with GOTS certified organic cotton, and the structure comes from a plant cellulose board. Shop our range of sustainable crossbody bags, shoulder bags and tote bags, free shipped worldwide.

Plastic Free Vegan Leather

Our vegan leather bags are MADE WITH MIRUM®, a 100% plastic free vegan leather produced in the USA - made with natural tree rubber, minerals, plant fibres, oils and waxes.

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Handmade in Portugal

Every Lost Woods bag is made by hand at a small, female-run workshop near Porto, in Portugal. We produce in small batches to avoid overproduction.

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We ship from Melbourne, Australia, to the world, and will cover your shipping costs - bar duties and taxes. De-stress with our two month return window.

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