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Sustainable Backpacks


Birch Backpack in Black & GoldBirch Backpack in Black & Gold

Birch Backpack in Black & Gold

Sale price$402.00 USD
Birch Backpack in Black & SilverBirch Backpack in Black & Silver

Birch Backpack in Black & Silver

Sale price$402.00 USD
Hazel Slouch Backpack in Black & GoldHazel Slouch Backpack in Black & Gold
Hazel Slouch Backpack in Black & SilverHazel Slouch Backpack in Black & Silver

Plastic Free Vegan Leather

Our vegan leather bags are MADE WITH MIRUM®, a 100% plastic free vegan leather produced in the USA - made with natural tree rubber, minerals, plant fibres, oils and waxes.

Learn more about MIRUM®

Handmade in Portugal

Every Lost Woods bag is made by hand at a small, female-run workshop near Porto, in Portugal. We produce in small batches to avoid overproduction.

Read more about our factory

Free Worldwide Shipping

We ship from Melbourne, Australia, to the world, and will cover your shipping costs - bar duties and taxes. De-stress with our two month return window.

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